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Every one of us has a story, here is ours! On the 26th October 2012 my husband and I walked out of Heartlands Hospital Maternity unit empty handed. Just a few short hours before, our son Micah had been born into this world, yet he had already left this life for a better one. We were left with the silence of stillbirth in the delivery room, and our hearts broken into pieces! Saying hello and goodbye in just a short space of time is a pain no parent should ever have to endure.

We left the hospital holding just each other's hand knowing this wasn't how we'd dreamt it would be. We were empty handed and broken hearted. We gripped each other's hand as if our very insides would crumble in sorrow if we were to ever let go, walking each step together towards whatever the future may hold.

Picture of Micah hands

Early one morning, in my bedroom, I sank to the floor wailing; the pain too deep for words. I swept through every emotion and feeling, even wanting to end it all. I became so sick thinking over and over what had happened to me, it consumed me. I was lost in a sea of confusion. I had never felt so low in my life; my dreams had all been shattered in a million pieces. I didn't know how I could dream again, afraid that life had indeed lost its very purpose. Death had stolen life from me and I was sure it would steal me too!

One day I sat with a blank page before me, a pen in my hand as my weapon of choice – I was about to do battle with the hurt and the emotions that raged inside my soul. With each word that was written I took another step in my healing, each tear ripped the pain from the depth of my soul. I became more and more determined not to let death win. The book began as a simple way to let out my feelings, to begin my healing journey... but I knew it was turning into so much more.

As I continued my walk, others gathered around me and helped me to see the huge gap within the support available for bereaved parents, they needed resources; they needed equipping for the dark days that lay ahead. They needed somewhere they could learn about and access the organisations that already existed. We knew we would need to show others the way to find them, and so the directory was compiled and added into the book. They say it takes a village to raise a child; we believe that it takes a whole group of bereaved parents, support workers and organisations to support families on their journey and so signposting to them is essential!

The dream – getting every charity, organisation and support group to be confident and equipped so that they can signpost people when their charity is unable to, weaving a basket of support and love around every broken person. Where one charity ends, another begins. Awareness is key! One day... some day... hopefully, we'll get there!

So the book was completed, a directory of many of these wonderful organisations was compiled and we finally we went to print (120 full colour pages in all). We raised enough money (over £50k to date) to print several thousand books and supply them to many health visitors, hospitals, bereavement centres, chaplaincies and counselling organisations. The books are handed out free of charge to any bereaved parent or family member who requests one, and to any one supporting these individuals. They have already been shipped to 9 other countries around the world! Since this all has happened we have also endured loss through a miscarriage and continue on a journey of infertility. This has opened our eyes to further support needed for first trimester loss. We have now begun to update 2 miscarriage suites at local hospitals in Birmingham and have raised over £15000 towards this project. Keep up to date in our 'Latest News' section to find out more about this project. It has been an incredible journey so far and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for both us and working with many others in their journey too. Keep checking back for updates in our news section on Fundraising events and further book and resource releases - we have some exciting resources coming your way!
Thank you for partnering with us on this journey of a lifetime, in achieving our ultimate aim:

no parent is left alone in the shadows!

Picture of Charlotte and Gavin at the Little Fingers Charity Ball

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